My Next Startup: Strategic Life Tools

What does one do after one sells their business?

1) Work for the acquirer
2) Take a vacation
3) Start a new business

How about all three?

After selling Lab Escape to Teikametrics, I was under a two-year contract that ended earlier this year. After some consulting and prep work, my life partner and I took off for Europe on our Grand European Adventure—a 3-month tour across Europe.

We started at the Méra Festival in Transylvania, toured around Romania, stopped in Belgrade on the way to the Guca Trumpet Festival in Serbia, spent a week exploring Budapest in between the Sziget Festival and the St. Stephen’s Day celebrations, danced our way through Vienna, toured Salzburg, visited my relatives in the Black Forest and Cologne, spent a week improving our dance skills at Balboa Castle Camp, hung out catching our breath in Berlin and ended with three weeks in Italy. Whew!

Now I’m settling in Berlin for a few months to work on my next startup: Strategic Life Tools

Strategic Life Tools will be a monthly subscription membership site that provides a collection of tools and techniques for helping people more effectively plan their future. I’ll be using the many of the techniques described on this site, plus tools & templates I’ve designed for myself and used in coaching others.

If you’re interested, sign up for the Strategic Life Challenge, a free 28-Day e-mail course I’m launching this Sunday that will contain a preview of some of the tools and help you work on your life plan.

Since I want everyone working through the course together, registration closes this Saturday, November 4th at midnight—so register soon.

If you’re not ready for that, but want to join the site when it launches, sign up for early access here. My plan is to launch the site later this month after I attend MicroConf Europe.

It’s been almost 2 years since my last blog post. But I’m finally back!

In future blog posts, I’ll talk more about how I’m building Strategic Life Tools, my future plans for Lean Decisions and what I learned selling Lab Escape. Stay tuned.

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