4 Video Sites For Daily Learning

I love to learn new things every day. It generates a constant stream of ideas and helps me improve personally and professionally.

My favorite new way of learning is watching videos on my iPad while doing chores or relaxing. Tablets are portable and can stood up on a countertop or table to make watching videos easy and hands-free. I bought the Logitech Z515 wireless speaker to overcome the noise of loud chores.

What do I watch?

  • TED - Talks
    Always informative, often entertaining. Search by keyword, topic or feeling. Use “Show by length” to find talks that match the length of your chore.
  • AppSumo
    If you’re in the tech/startup world, AppSumo has great deals on training videos. I grab all the free deals and occasionally buy deals. So far I haven’t been disappointed in anything I’ve watched.
  • Mind Tools – Videos
    For professional development, Mind Tools can’t be beat. Their articles teach everything from leadership to project management to decision making. I just discovered the videos, so don’t know yet the quality of those.
  • YouTube – How To Channel
    Search for videos using the keywords “how to”, “learn to”, “instructions”, “tutorial” and “lesson”. Combine with the keywords of your interests to find online training videos. Or surf the YouTube How To channel

Do you watch online videos to learn daily? Where have you found great videos?

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