Resources to Learn About Lean Startup

Yesterday I did a quick introduction to the Lean Startup methodology at the Asheville Lean Startup Circle. I focused on three key concepts: validated learning, minimum viable products and the build-measure-learn cycle. You can view my slides here.

If you’ve read Why Economic Developers Need Lean Startups or Lean Startup Conference Notes, you already know some  resources for learning about Lean Startup. Below I update this list to include resources I missed in those posts. Please add other resources I missed in the comments.

Online Courses






If I missed a resource, please leave it in the comments. If you want to continue studying Lean Startup, look for a Lean Startup Circle in your area or start your own.


  1. Mike Fishbein says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Great round up here! Thanks.

    Thought you might also be interested in a blog post I wrote called “The Ultimate List of Customer Development Questions”

    I received a few requests to write it so I thought you audience might enjoy it too.


    Mike Fishbein

    1. trevor says:


      These are great. You’ve also addressed one of the key weaknesses of the Lean Startup process in these questions: Product Discovery.

      Lean Startup assumes you start with an idea and then go out and try to find a market for that idea. In my experience, a far better approach is to start with a market (e.g., a set of customers who share related problems) and then learn from them what idea you should be pursuing. It’s only after that phase is done that Lean Startup becomes useful.

      Your early questions do a great job of surfacing needs from a potential customer that can be used to define a new product. Thanks for writing these and thanks for sharing.


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