My Life in 10 Years

I turn 40 in 5 days. To celebrate, I’m throwing a party called Imagine Yourself in 10 Years. So, what will I be like in 10 years?

I will be a sought-after speaker and corporate trainer teaching people how to make lean decisions. I will have a side project brewing and an online business that provides extra income.

I will have published 4 books: two about lean decisions, an erotica novel and, 20 years after I finished writing it, my memoir about the three years I spent hitchhiking around the States, Becoming a Muse.

I will teach swing and hizzop dance once a week, and go out dancing several nights a week.

I will have just joined a band as a drummer, focusing mostly on hand drums.

At 145 pounds, I will be 10 pounds lighter, yet will be stronger and have more muscle mass. I will still be exercising daily, with a meditation and yoga practice several times a week.

My relationship with Audrey will be just over 10 years old. We’ll continue to have an amazing relationship, maintaining a loving, respectful connection and supporting each other through our growth. We’ll still be having hot, passionate sex several times a week and deep, romantic adventures several times a month.

Audrey & I will have a 3-bedroom house in Asheville, walking distance to downtown, with a hot tub and a guest room. We will spend 6 months of the year in Asheville and the remainder travelling around the world.

I will continue to have an amazing group of friends and play a role in the greater Asheville community. I will continue to help promoting entrepreneurship in Asheville, and will be mentoring several younger entrepreneurs aiming to build companies here.

I will work with smart, action-oriented people who support each other and work to achieve greatness. Some, like Jonathan and Pam, I’ll have worked with for over 10 years, while others will be newer relationships.

I will be financially secure, though not rich. I will have several reliable income streams so I can play around and not worry about any one failing.

Both Audrey and I will be healthy with no major health issues. We’ll enjoy an active lifestyle and remain youthful. Our friends will span a range of ages.

In summary, my life will be more fucking awesome than it already is.

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